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Family Friendship Program (FFP) -- Student Application

Thank you for your interest in the ISSO Family Friendship Program (FFP). The FFP is part of a joint university and community effort to welcome international students to UNI and the community, to acquaint them with American culture, and to enhance the quality of their stay in Iowa. The program encourages local host families and international students to spend time together and to learn about each other’s cultures through food and friendship. Above all, FFP strives to foster international and cross-cultural understanding. Please note that FFP is NOT a residential home-stay program.

If you are a UNI international student wishing to be partnered with a host family, please complete the following application and submit it. The information that you provide will help us assign you to a local family with similar or compatible interests. In addition, your information might be shared with the family prior to you meeting them.

Release/Liability Statement

I acknowledge and understand that the ISSO Family Friendship Program is a service of the International Students and Scholars Office at the University of Northern Iowa intended only to increase intercultural understanding for educational purposes. I further acknowledge that UNI assumes no responsibility and agree whatsoever for the outcome of interactions among individuals relating to this program.