International Students and Scholars Office

GPS Qualifications, Requirements and Responsibilities

Qualifications and Requirements

GPS scholarships are based on eligibility and the qualifications and requirements listed below: 

  • Ability to accept, appreciate, and communicate well with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Have experience engaging with people from various national origins and cultural backgrounds
  • Desire to work with others from different cultural backgrounds and who may be second language learners
  • Have experience living, studying, or working outside of the United States
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards UNI and ISSO
  • Knowledge of campus resources and locations, campus life, and academics   
  • 100% participation in required trainings, meetings, and events
  • Punctual and dependable with time commitments
  • Communicate regularly and in a timely manner with students, staff, and faculty
  • Active engagement and encouragement in student involvement both on/off campus
  • Ability to lead individuals and small groups with minimal supervision
  • Ability to facilitate and foster a positive small group experience
  • Knowledge of languages other than English, preferred but not required